Elanea Jade

About Us

Think of ElaneaJade as a grand bazaar that just happens to span around the world!
Here you will find unique artisan goods, trinkets and fashion, but we didn’t start out this way!
We realized that there were other people who had amazing items to share who didn’t have the platform either  because they didn’t know how to get started or they couldn’t afford to get started or keep up with the usual monthly fees associated with having a business.

It’s when the founder of our company turned to her international upbringing and the grand memories she had of visiting the bustling bazaar of Istanbul and the holiday markets of Europe to come up with the idea to help others get started and to create the market experience online.

We’ve started transitioning from being just a single store offering ElaneaJade fashion accessories to a place where potential storekeepers can offer their wares easily and affordably. (Zip on over to our Sell page to find out more about how you can join us.)

The original mission of always giving back continues and a portion of the profits to ElaneaJade goes to help fund mental health awareness and support programs. We also humbly offer resources to other worthy causes throughout the year including health care related issues, women programs and the arts just to name a few.  

We hope that we always astound you by the great treasures you find here and as we grow that you’ll keep coming back to see all the wonderful additions to the ElaneaJade family.